Welcome to the Kimihia School PTA Page

What is the P.T.A?

The PTA is a group of parents/whanau who raise funds throughout the year to help fund activities and projects for the children of Kimihia School e.g. Duffy Books, Senior Camp costs, Pool Upgrade, Sand Pit Upgrade.

Who can join the P.T.A?

New Members are always welcome so feel free to come along and find out how you can be involved with fundraising ventures. You are also welcome to become a friend of the PTA. If you are a friend of the PTA, members may ring you to help with various fundraising events. Our evening meetings are held once a month (usually the first Thursday of each month), at 6.30 in the staffroom.

How can we keep informed?

Minutes are emailed out after each meeting. If you would like a copy of the minutes please give your name to the School Office and they will pass it on to the PTA Secretary. We will also post minutes on our school website below.

For further information feel free to contact any of the members named below.

Next Meeting & Events

PTA General Meeting

Thursday 6th September - 7pm at the Essex Arms, Main Street, Huntly

PTA Events Coming Up

Fathers Day Raffle - Closes Tuesday 28th August 2018

Raffle Tickets to sell will be going home soon. Keep a look out. Three draws with lots of prizes and vouchers to be won.

Abacus Calendars

More information to be supplied. Students will be working on their artwork this term.

PTA Committee

Chairperson - Sandra Tumai

Deputy Chairperson - Stacey Bate

Secretary - Angela Brown

Treasurer - Hailey Graham

PTA Meeting Minutes

PTA Minutes 6 August 2018.pdf
PTA Minutes 2 July 2018.pdf
PTA Minutes 8 June 2018.pdf
PTA Minutes 7 May 2018.pdf
PTA Minutes 10 April 2018.pdf
PTA Minutes 12 March 2018.pdf
PTA Minutes 2 February 2018.pdf

PTA AGM Meeting Minutes & Financial Reports

PTA AGM Minutes 2 July 2018.pdf
Financials April 2017 - March 2018.pdf