Code of Conduct



A code of conduct for parents and visitors ensures that everyone who visits the school site can do so in a safe and harmonious manner and that students, staff, and parents are not subjected to aggressive, hostile, or violent behaviours.

From time-to-time parents or other members of the school community may need to approach the school to:

Ø  Discuss the progress or welfare of your own child.

Ø  Express concern about the actions of other students.

Ø  Enquire about school policy or practice.

On occasion, concerns may cause frustration and anxiety. At such times, it is always important to organise a time to talk with school staff in an unhurried, respectful, and confidential atmosphere.

No parent will directly approach another person's child at school. If you have a concern about anything to do with someone else’s child, you must organise a time to talk with the school Principal. The school will deal with issues between students as part of the school's Behaviour and Well-being policy.



Ø  Treat all persons associated with the school with respect and courtesy.

Ø  Make an appointment to discuss concerns.

Ø  Give staff time to investigate and manage students without interference.

Following these procedures will ensure problems are solved as soon as possible so that a safe and harmonious school environment is maintained. The best results come from working together.


The following behaviours are unacceptable and will be managed by the Senior Leadership Team

Ø  Use of offensive language (ie swearing or put-downs, name calling) towards or in the presence of students and staff.

Ø  Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Ø  Threatening and intimidating behaviour towards students and school staff.

Ø  Accusing someone else’s child of something when their parent is not present.

Ø  Speaking angrily to a child of another parent.

Please note: the school reserves the right to trespass persons who do not comply with the code of conduct set out by Kimihia School.


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Pamela Dunn     Principal