Our Board of Trustees

Pamela Dunn - Principal

I am proud to be the Principal of Kimihia School, working co-operatively with our Board of Trustees to ensure we offer all students of Kimihia School a quality education. I truly value the partnership between home and school, recognising the benefits it brings the child as a learner. Each month the Board of Trustees meets to review our strategic and operational goals, making decisions that keep moving Kimihia School forward. We are fortunate to have a committed, enthusiastic and visionary Board of Trustees, who display excellence as they successfully govern Kimihia School.

Email: principal@kimihia.school.nz

Phone: 07 828 7495

Craig Richardson - BOT Chairperson

I am a very proud dad of two beautiful Kimihia School girls, and over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to gift my time and help out whenever possible at school events, PTA and more recently the school camp.

Being re-elected to the BOT in 2019 has been an opportunity to carry on the great work from the previous BoT team and into the next as the school journey’s onward. I personally believe that the time and energy you invest in your children helps them build a path of accomplishment throughout their own lives, so it is highly rewarding to be part of the team that is committed to ensuring the greatest possible education environment for both staff and students alike at Kimihia School.

Erina Watene-Rawiri - Parent Trustee

Ko Tainui te Waka,

Ko Taupiri te Maunga

Ko Waikato te Awa

Ko Waikato te Iwi

Ko Erina Watene-Rawiri ahau

Tēnā koutou katoa, I was really grateful to be elected onto the Kimihia School Board of Trustees team in 2016, it is a challenging and important role. Our students no matter who they are or where they come from deserve to feel valued and supported at school, and to receive the highest quality education from which they can realise their full potential. I am Huntly born and bred and my children Taroi and Maia are 3rd generation Kimihia Kids. I look forward to continuing to serve our school community and ensuring that whanau have a voice on the Board.

Junior Ahyu - Parent Trustee

I have been a Kimihia Parent for the past 13 years and have had three children attend Kimihia School. My son Gafatasi was here in 2013 and my eldest daughter Lilian was Head Girl in 2015. My remaining child and youngest daughter Sophie is currently The Deputy Head Prefect for 2020.

It is finally a pleasure to sit on my local school board and give back to my schooling community after serving as a member of the Hamilton Girls’ High School Board of Trustees for the past four years.

Keeping our children safe and providing a safe haven for learning has always been a priority and focus for me. The disciplined road is a hard one oft times requiring hard decisions to be made. Balancing the need of the individual against the need of the many is an easy choice to make to ensure that we continue to provide a nurturing learning environment for our children.

Lets work together to keep Kimihia School a safe and great place to learn.

Carla Mounsey - Parent Trustee

Erin Taoho - Parent Trustee