Our Board of Trustees

Pamela Dunn - Principal

I am proud to be the Principal of Kimihia School, working co-operatively with our Board of Trustees to ensure we offer all students of Kimihia School a quality education.  I truly value the partnership between home and school, recognising the benefits it brings the child as a learner. Each month the Board of Trustees meets to review our strategic and operational goals, making decisions that keep moving Kimihia School forward.  We are fortunate to have a committed, enthusiastic and visionary Board of Trustees, who display excellence as they successfully govern Kimihia School.

Email: principal@kimihia.school.nz

Phone: 07 828 7495

Bianca Peri - BOT Presiding Member

Erin Taoho - Parent Trustee

Alana Peterson - Parent Trustee

David Sowerby - Parent Trustee

Ashley Benterman - Parent Trustee

Florentyna Afemui - Parent Trustee