Our Principal

Pamela Dunn

I am proud to be the Principal of Kimihia School, working co-operatively with our Board of Trustees to ensure we offer all students of Kimihia School a quality education. I truly value the partnership between home and school, recognising the benefits it brings the child as a learner. Each month the Board of Trustees meets to review our strategic and operational goals, making decisions that keep moving Kimihia School forward. We are fortunate to have a committed, enthusiastic and visionary Board of Trustees, who display excellence as they successfully govern Kimihia School.

Welcome to Kimihia School

Kimihia School is situated on the east side of Huntly in a semi-rural setting. We are a strong community based school that began in 1897.

Kimihia, translated as "Go and Seek", is the school motto and our mission statement is "To provide a caring, stable environment and academic excellence while preparing students for lifelong learning."

All students at our school are encouraged, guided and supported to "Go and Seek" as we prepare them as 21st Century learners.

The Virtues is a well embedded practice that underpins Kimihia School's Positive Behaviour for Learning and the Kimihia Kid Attributes of; Respectful and Proud, A Goal Setter, A Communicator, A Problem Solver, A Risk Taker and Healthy and Happy. It is our belief that by providing opportunities and challenges for students to develop skills that are able to be transferred into real life situations, they will be better prepared for an exciting future, full of choices.

Dedicated staff and Board of Trustees provide a positive learning environment based on strong relationships with whanau and community to ensure success for all.

If you would like further information or to come and visit please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pamela Dunn